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"It's like sitting right next to me while I paint and teach. Whether you select one of my Specialty Technique classes, ZOOM 1, ZOOM 2 workshops , or one of my many demos you will be amazed with the amount of information provided.

I has been teaching for over 50 years and have been listed as one of Americas Top 20 teachers. I bring all  that knowledge and expertise to you with a simple click of mouse! Just pull up a chair and with my 3 camera presentation you will see every color and each brushstroke more clearly and closer than in an actual workshop!  You can then watch the lessons in rerun where you can ...

These classes are designed to give you the help you need exactly WHEN you NEED it!
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The focuses is on 10-15 mini-demos showcasing multiple ways to paint the ' topic of the day ' in various ways. Here the focus is on color, conrast, exaggerating and my special 'ART WORD in mind process. This session is all to train your intuition and  about practice not perfection, surprises not stress. This is how my ART has become what it is today. 
1-day  WATERCOLOR WORKSHOPS [ 6 hours of instruction ]    OR ...
2- Part WATERCOLOR WORKSHOPS [ 3 hours each day for 2 days ]

Tom has developed a series of workshops that takes the student on a step-by-step process to creating a finished painting. Practice the parts in the morning  [ or day 1 ] without the pressure of a finished painting. You will learn different ways to paint the parts. In the afternoon [ or day 2 ]  you will work step by step as you  put the parts together and create a beautiful finished WORK OF ART. from my composition, a different version that i provide, or your own composition. There is a slide show of my artwork to watch during lunch for the 1-day workshop.
VISUAL CRITIQUE SESSIONS   Watch a master of watercolor rework an old painting and turn it into a GREAT WORK OF ART right before your eyes. Tom will paint the suggestions on a color print out of YOUR painting. See the before and after for a great learning experience. Learn from watching the transformation of other students work as well.You will never throw away a failed painting again!

As a special bonus for all my online classes you can receive my advise and have your questions answered for 3 weeks after class ends !
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                                       2024   Specialty Technique Classes

Tom Lynch Online Workshop:
Specialty Techniques:

 Day 1- Skies, Clouds & Sunsets,
Day 2- Rays of Sunlight & Shadows -

January 24 and 25, 2024
   5:30-8:30 each day [ 6 hours of instruction]

 Take the pressure off from creating a finished painting while you explore watercolor techniques and learn to paint parts in new and creative ways. In this live, online Specialty Technique Watercolor workshop, Tom will paint different versions of the landscape parts NOT with the intent to have a finished painting, but rather to just paint, practice, and play with watercolor techniques.
Learn Different  ways to paint each part.
...its practice not perfection!
...surprises not stress
If you like color, contrast,sunlight & shadow in your paintings then
As a special bonus for all my online classes you can receive my advise and have your questions answered for 3 weeks after class ends !

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More new specialty technique classes coming in 2024


 1-DAY [ or -2 Part ]  'online'  Watercolor Workshops       

 There is a new class each month ...6 hours of instruction                    
  Join a MASTER of watercolor for a great day of creativity!  
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Day 1 or Part 1 -'W/C Techniques'
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  Day 1 -
    The focus for this day is on painting parts in several different ways, not on a finished painting. The watercolor technique lessons are comprehensive and will lay the groundwork for finished paintings later. You will see TOM demonstrate sunset skies, trees, mtns. etc. and then have plenty of time to practice under his watchful eye. You will paint parts of the selected scene without the pressure of a finished painting. These practice paintings will lay the groundwork for DAY 2 and  will help you with creating radiant sunset infused landscapes for a lifetime.
The classes will be taped so you can view again while you pause, rewind and screenshot your way to success! TOM will take you on a creative watercolor journey that you will never forget.


 Day 2- We will create a finished painting in a step by step process. In this session you will learn the lessons of ,FOCAL POINT, UNITY, VALUE CHANGE. COLOR, DESIGN. more! Tom is a master teacher and is listed as one of AMERICA'S top 20 teachers by American Artist Magazine.The demos will be taped so you can watch again and again while you stop, fast forward, rewind, and screenshot your way to success. Enjoy my 3 camera set up for great close ups, watching the palette, and the finished sample painting for the day.

NEW  'online' dates for  2024 COMING SOON !
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"Painting VENICE"

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The focus for my  class is on capturing the different moods!  If you want your paintings to stand out from the rest and come alive with drama these informative classes will give you that outcome. The lessons are comprehensive and lay the groundwork for creating dynamic works of art. You will see all the how’s and why’s along with the opportunity to practice and paint with TOM. You can even view several examples of finished paintings that use these techniques.  If you need to: loosen up, better understand value changes, color, paint parts differently, have brighter cleaner colors, and learn the structure for a successful finished painting, then this class is for you. You will now see and learn all this in a step by step manner, so you can learn while doing .

Learn from a master teacher who has over 50 years of experience. These classes will be so inspiring that you will be eager to create more finished works of art after the class ends. There are GREAT close-ups so you can see as if you were sitting right next to TOM. The classes will be taped so you can view again while you pause, rewind and screenshot your way to creating better art. TOM will take you on a creative watercolor journey that you will never forget.
As a special bonus for all my classes you can receive my advise for 3 weeks after class ends !


Skies, Clouds, Sunsets Rays of Sunlight and Shadow
January 24 and 25, 2024   5:30-8:30 each day [ 6 hours of instruction]
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6 hours of instruction

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June 21st and June 22nd
'online' Wed.   May 24th    5-8pm
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Dates to be announced  Get help from a 'Master of Watercolor ' on how to improve your painting. See TOM demonstrate how to change.  Click this link to watch a FREE sample
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Date MAY 24 2023 

Dates to be announced
new dates to be announced

10:30-5:30 daily
Puerto Vallarta Mx-- NEW be announced
PAINTING AT THE CASA [ in person ]
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   Tom has developed a series of workshops that takes the student on a step-by-step process to creating a finished painting. Students will learn the principles of focal point, value change, unity factors and much more while they create a finished work of art. This format is great for those that want to learn in a step –by-step manner. This process will provide a comprehensive amount of information.You will receive a great foundation that then can be applied to your future paintings. Students will be provided with the photo reference; preliminary sketch; and even color photos of other options for you in order to accomplish a beautiful finish painting. In the morning session you will paint with Tom parts of the selected scene. During lunch Tom will have a slideshow for you to watch. In the afternoon you will put all the parts together in a new effort and have a completed painting at the end of the day. The focus of this class is to learn while doing and Tom is a master teacher to help you accomplish that.This class will teach you several different ways to paint the parts and even give you alternate versions of the final painting! TOM will show you how he improves the composition, creates a value study and more.
          There will be a different painting each month.


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Tom has a unique format when offering suggestions for improving finished paintings. Students will submit a photo of the painting that they need help with. Tom will print that image on heavyweight paper in order that the student and others can easily view the picture. Tom will discuss the merits of the painting and demonstrate his suggestions for improving it by painting on the color print out. This will allow everyone to see and hear the how and why along with seeing the Before & After. This 'visual critique' will be a learning experience for all to enjoy. This program is great for artists working in any medium. You will never discard a failed painting ever again.
Tom Lynch Virtual Art Workshop:
"Watercolor Secrets Revealed"
4 days over a 5 day period
Work with a master artist and teacher who has been listed as one of AMERICA'S top 10 teachers. There are many advantages to this online workshop;
... Great close-ups with a 2 camera presentation
... A video meeting both before and after the workshop 
... Opportunity to see the demos and critiques in rerun.
... The class is a 4 day workshop over a 5 day period , giving you a extra day to practice
[       stop, pause, rewind & and screenshot options ]
... Opportunity to view many more samples from the studio of TOM LYNCH
... Video presentations to watch during the lunchtime.
Experience the vast range and flexibility of watercolor! Learn a variety of new techniques, how to build a successful painting, and ways to put drama, emotion, and conviction into your art.
If you like COLOR and CONTRAST then this workshop is for you. 



  " Visual Critiques "
                  Sample of a students paintings above and below 
                     with the corrections made by TOM

Tom’s unique approach to analyzing and making suggestions for a finished
work of art is to ‘SHOW YOU’  WHAT, HOW and WHERE ~ to make improvements on your paintings. In these sessions Tom will demonstrate using a color printout of your painting. You will get advice on composition, design, focal point, value, color, theme and much more. You will then see how to make the suggested changes. Viewing the 'before and after' will be a great learning experience not only for your painting but also as you watch the same transformation on the other students paintings. These are not just casual suggestions but rather live demonstrations for your artwork. As we talk about taking your paintings to the next level, this class will have a profound and immediate impact on your artwork. These sessions will be videotaped so that you can watch and learn from them again.

There will be monthly,   "VISUAL CRITIQUE SESSIONS" 
Sign up is for a minimum of 2 classes…
You can choose  any 2 dates to attend

Cost is $110 for 2 sessions
Tom will contact you to email an image of your 
painting to
Dates:  to be announced
To see the complete schedule for each month visit…
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