Tom Lynch's "150" Watercolor Lesson Charts
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In his 45 years of teaching, Tom Lynch has become a favorite of workshop students around the world. He has been listed as one of 20 America's Top Teachers. Whenever Tom teaches a workshop, students are all enthralled with his "Lesson Charts" -- large scale color visuals illustrating key concepts at a glance. The fact that so many students had expressed a desire to take these charts home, it motivated Tom to offer them in the form of a book.

These are actual teaching aids Tom uses in his workshops. This is the book that belongs right by your side as you paint (the wirebinding makes it an easy flip style reference). The 13 Chapters cover ... materials, techniques, value change, color studies, composition, unity factors, impact areas, photography, plus special tips for correcting mistakes, painting outdoors and more!

A must have book for watercolor as you will find an answer to every watercolor painting challenge that slows you down.


From the Artist...


"This is no ordinary book to read at your leisure while sitting in your favorite armchair. This book is specifically designed for real-time use in the studio. Now as you paint, you'll be able to have the book right by your side and refer to the exact chart you need at a glance. It's like having me in the studio with you, guiding you every step of the way, showing you how to achieve the looks and effects you are after."



Tom Lynch's Watercolor Rescue
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This new and most innovative book shows the seven most common problems, and solutions to overcome them. Tom reworks and rescues over 50 paintings. If you have ever had a problem while painting, this book will show you how to solve it. Never give up or start over again! As an added bonus, each chapter illustrates and explains how Tom develops his studio works of art while showing the references they come from. This book offers you a fascinating look at how to be creative from several different references; how to avoid the common mistakes; and if needed ... how to fix them!


Tom Lynch Watercolor Secrets - Hard Cover - Sold Out!
Tom Lynch Watercolor Secrets - Soft Cover - Now Available!
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This book shows you 25 years of watercolor secrets!

  • 128 pages
  • 350 color plates

What makes this book so unique is that Tom shows you how to approach each of his dynamic strategies in 5 different ways:

  • In-studio paintings
  • Workshop lessons
  • On-location exercises
  • Salvage techniques
  • A gallery of my art

This means you get a much better understanding of each strategy so you can quickly start applying it to your own work. Learn how to fill every inch of your painting with a variety of colors, shapes, patterns, edges, textures and values; and transform a predictable painting into a dynamic work of art!. I give you a list of the essential tools that help me get the special effects everybody always wants to know about.




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