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Series I Videos
Available on VHS tapes


#3434 - Watercolor Fundamentals
Learn all the basics of watercolor techniques and materials. This video describes what products to select and how to use them. A must for all those who want to know how to get started in watercolor. All the details of what to use, how to use it, and why are explained carefully and in detail. Then... important techniques are demonstrated like: color, mixing, brush strokes, center of interest, edges, spray bottles, values and more. You'll see several finished paintings to support how these techniques were employed. This video will put you on the right track to understanding watercolor.

#3436 - Color and Applying the First Wash
A great video for learning how to get a painting started. The most important step is the first wash. You'll learn where to begin, and what color and contrast to use. Put your painting on the right track, right away. Several paintings are started and one painting is finished at the end of this video. The secret to Tom's loose, fresh, exciting style is revealed and how to apply the first wash. You'll never fear that white sheet of paper again after watching this video.

#3438 - Watercolor Salvage Techniques
This is a one-of-a-kind video in which old discarded watercolor paintings are reworked into beautiful works of art. You'll learn not only how to correct mistakes, but how to dramatically elevate any work of art. Common mistakes of weaknesses are reviewed on several paintings. Then, those mistakes are corrected right before you! You'll learn not only what to do, but how to do it as you see several before and after examples. This is our more popular video as it is for all artists who work in any medium.

#3440 - Painting Light in Watercolor
Learn how to have more excitement by painting dramatic effects light. You'll learn some techniques and tricks in watercolor. Included will be examples, tips and techniques for photographing and researching material. Actual photos are shown and how a comprehensive studio painting was painted from those references. You will see and hear all the secrets to painting light, then witness a demonstration painting of a mountain canyon with rays of light highlighting the trees, rocks and waterfall. Advanced techniques and ideas for the painter who wants to put more life (and light) into their art.

#3442 - Painting Values
The workshop learning tape explains in slow, careful detail, the painting of values (light, medium and dark tones) and various types of brush strokes for a watercolor painting. You'll learn how to setup the palette before you start each painting. The lesson from this tape will help you make your paintings have more depth, contrast and life! A country house is demonstrated in stages (background, middle ground and foreground) to show the systematic build up of depth. Then... at the end just for more excitement, it is changed to a dramatic night scene. You won't have a problem with depth and contrast again after seeing this video.


Series II Videos
Available on VHS tapes and now on DVDs


#4100 - On Location / Preliminary Color Studies - Part One
Artists are notorious for spending more time "producing" paintings and spending little time on "practicing". Tom explains how creating preliminary color studies on location gives you the opportunity to solve many painting problems. See how, by breaking down the painting process into parts, you can relieve the pressure to perform - leading to major breakthroughs in your work. These are valuable lessons for on-location or in the studio. Materials... Value Study to Capture Depth... Sketching or Painting Parts... Composition Lessons

#4200 - On Location / Preliminary Color Studies - Part Two
Practice a different series of color studies in these lessons done on-location. Tom shows you how easy it is to loosen up, and look at the landscape like you never have before. See the landscape, and watch as Tom translates it into art. You will have a whole new understanding of how to paint preliminary color studies. Color study without Pencil... Creative Angle of View... Capturing Mood & Theme... Artistic Look Tips... Impact Area

#4300 - Special Effects in Watercolor - Part One
Tom shows how to perfect a variety of special effects that will heighten the effect of your paintings. Just watching Tom's unique use of spray bottles will have you reaching for the rewind button on your remote control. Art Materials... Artistic shapes... Variety of Colors... Spray Bottle Edges... Tissue Clouds... Spray Bottle Leaves... Tree Trunks and Branches... Sunset Sky... Sparkle on Water... Patterns

#4400 - Special Effects in Watercolor - Part Two
This video shows more of Tom's special painting effects. Can be enjoyed separately from Part I. Live action from Tom lets you fast track your work to an exciting new level. Watch the hand of a master show you the following: colorful first wash, paint the shadows first, the artist touch, abstract the edges, brush stroke variety, alternating patters, layers, textures, electric eraser, rays of light, rays of shadow, and reflection. Colorful First Wash... Paint the Shadows first... The Artistic Touch... Abstract the Edges... Brush Stroke Variety... Alternating Patterns... Layers... Textures... Electric Eraser... Rays of Light... Rays of Shadow... Reflections

#4500 - Capturing Mood and Expression in Watercolor
Want to make your paintings so expressive that your viewers are overwhelmed by the mood? Tom reveals his secret techniques for achieving this critical factor so often neglected by other artists. He shows you the key to the whole concept of having someone actually "feel" something instead of just saying "that's nice". Essential viewing for any artist. Deciding on a Mood... Exaggerating the Mood... Impact Area... How to Start... 4 Juice Colors... Avoiding Detail

#4600 - Marketing Your Art
Invaluable "inside info" from someone who is a veritable gold mine. Tom Lynch offers inside information on his tried and true methods for creating a steady demand for your work. This video included invaluable case studies. Setting Goals... Target Marketing... Gaining Mailing Lists... Displaying in Public... Determining Price... Test Marketing... Creating Demand... Working with Your Gallery... Creating Crowds... Trading or Bartering... Generating Publicity... Getting Commissions


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