Workshop Description

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+  Specialty Techniques Class
+  2-Part Watercolor Workshop 


4-Day in person workshop description:

The overall objective of the workshop is to show the vast range and flexibility of watercolor and to put emotion and conviction into painting by exploring, experimenting and developing creativity of each individual. Tom likes to put fun into the process of painting, along with enthusiasm and new techniques in an atmosphere that makes the intermediate and advanced painter feel welcome!

A goal for each day is set, and each student will see an example and understanding of that day's lesson. There will be daily demonstration paintings, with detailed explanations of all the "hows" and "whys" followed by individual attention to see that each student understands and has an example of the day's objective. Included will be  tips on different ways to create a painting. Lessons on to think like an artist ...see like an artist...paint loose... build a painting from the focal point,  outward ... specialty techniques .composition and soooo much more. If you like color, contrast,sunlight and shadow then this class for you.  Also, Lynch's ever-popular program on salvage techniques for discarded paintings during the critique session.

Lynch brings to his class the same enthusiasm and energy as seen on his (6) national PBS series "Fun with Watercolor" that has been on PBS for 20 years. His vast list of accomplishments, credits and awards are listed in "Who's Who in American Art". He is a signature member of the Society of American Impressionists and numerous watercolor societies. His work is featured in all the leading art publications including the American Artist magazine, the International Artist magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Artist Magazine, Southwest Art and Arts and Antiques. He has authored eight books on watercolor techniques. Among his many prestigious exhibits were a one-man show at the American Embassy in Paris and as the featured artist for four U.S. Open Golf tournaments and numerous PGA events.

Past students have said of his workshops... "The best workshop I have ever had"... "As a teacher I was not only impressed with how you paint, but also how well you could teach"... "Wonderful job of breaking it down into easy steps"... "Never a dull moment"... "Best organized class I have ever attended"... "I learned more in one day that I have in years"... "Patient, positive and knowledgeable"... "How soon can he come back"... "A master of painting and teaching"... "I have been painting for 30 years and he still taught me many new things"... "His energy and enthusiasm is contagious".

You will come away from this workshop with enthusiasm for watercolor painting, some new techniques, a new friend and knowledge that you can use for a lifetime!

A Salute to Tom Lynch from a Workshop Student who attended a inperson workshop 

Source: Art-To-Art-Palette

Publishing Editor's note: Tom Lynch conducted a workshop at the Lima, Ohio Area Watercolor Society. The Palette's Art Director, Pat Rayman, was one of his students, and the following is her report.

"I enjoy participating in watercolor workshops. I strongly believe you need to be always listening, do much note-taking and keep observing. Of course, you are also there to paint which is one of the main reasons. However, for me and many others, the true test of your ability and what you have learned - comes when you are away from the sights and sounds of a workshop, on your own, alone in your own studio.

Weeks before the workshop even began, the thought of being in the same room with Tom, made me feel excited, anxious and nervous. But all my fears were all dismissed on the first day, right at the door! There was the famous Tom Lynch with a smiling face, greeting everyone as he handed out our name tags. What a nice person, I thought.

During the time I was setting up, Tom circled the room with much friendly talk mixed with some good-nature joking with his students. Again, what a nice person, I thought.

At each work station, was a signed Tom Lynch water bowl that was filled with information, drawing pencils and other materials for us to use. What a nice touch, I thought. Also, looking around the room, I could see a number of Tom's impressive paintings. I thought, only if I could afford a Lynch on my walls! Someday.

The first day demonstration and introduction came next. Tom's easy going friendly manner made everyone feel welcome and comfortable. He said, "I am going to overwhelm you with information." And he sure did! Over the four days, I recorded twelve pages of notes! I know I will refer to these often when I am creating my works as well as taught to my students.

Tom's demonstrations were overwhelming, however he repeated information that was important, and his manner of speech was crystal clear. There was never any doubt of what he was saying.

Eventually it was our turn to paint, although I could have watched him all day, which left some of us feeling a bit awkward, but not for long - because - Tom lightened up the room with much encouragement and a generous positive reinforcement.

On the second day, I remember standing at my table, with a brush full of paint in my frozen hand. I was trying to process what I have learned, but nothing was happening. I looked up and saw Tom heading my way. I applied the loaded brush to my paper and blended the colors. Tom looked at my work and said, "I like it." After a long pause, I turned to my friend Kay and said, 'what did I do?' Kay responded quickly, "Just do it again."

By the third day, I was rewarded with a feeling of peace because it was all coming together.

From day one, Tom was a fountain of information, always inspiring his students. He talked about his family as he worked. He made everyone feel important with his own unique personal touch.

Finally, about a week later, I am in my studio referring to my notes, the watercolor exercises and color charts. I am amazed about how much I have learned about watercolor in a fun way. I know my work will improve because I learned from a great artist, exceptional teacher and a really nice down-to-earth guy!"