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TOM LYNCH class options:

3-hour  AND 1-DAY..SPECIALTY TECHNIQUE CLASSES -Focuses  on 10-15 mini-demos showcasing multiple ways to paint the ' topic of the day ' in various ways.
4-day WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP- This comprehensive class focuses on creating finished paintings and the many principals for success. [ different value plans, focal point, unity, depth, edges etc. ] 
2-day WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP -Focuses on a follow up to a 4-day workshop, where there is a single topic for a finished painting and different ways to create with that topic. [ i.e. DRAMATIC SHADOWS ]
1-day WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP- A series of special workshops that takes the student on a step-by-step process to create a finished painting. 
VISUAL CRITIQUES focuses on helping you with your finished painting with TOM painting on a color print out showing you Where How's and Why.
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           Specialty Technique Classes online
March 16th 
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The morning session is devoted to painting…


During the lunch break Tom will have a slide show

The afternoon session is devoted to painting…

                             Mountains, Forests, Reflections             
central time 
    6-9 pm
  4- DAY WORKSHOPS- online  
  to be announced  




                            1-DAY WORKSHOP [online]


   Tom has developed a series of workshops that takes the student on a step-by-step process to creating a finished painting. Students will learn the principles of focal point, value change, unity factors and much more while they create a finished work of art. This format is great for those that want to learn in a step –by-step manner. This process will provide a comprehensive amount of information.You will receive a great foundation that then can be applied to your future paintings. Students will be provided with the photo reference; preliminary sketch; and even color photos of other options for you in order to accomplish a beautiful finish painting. In the morning session you will paint with Tom parts of the scene above. During lunch Tom will have a slideshow for you to watch. In the afternoon you will put all the parts together in a new effort and have a completed painting at the end of the day. The focus of this class is to learn while doing and Tom is a master teacher to help you accomplish that.This class will teach you about rocks, rushing water, reflections, logs, trees, forest and more! TOM will show you how he improves the composition, creates a value study and develops the final painting.
                              There will be a different painting each month.

central time

              "Winter & Snow"
an  '
online' workshop by: TOM LYNCH
      2-days---3 hours each day.
                   price: $110
Part 1 -'W/C Techniques"
     Wed. Nov 16th.  6-9pm [ central time ]
In this session the focus is on painting parts in several different ways, not on a finished painting. The lessons are comprehensive and will lay the groundwork for finished paintings later. You will see Me demonstrate and then have plenty of time to practice under my watchful eye. You will paint ..the 3-C's for winter in snow
 We will paint these on  [1/4 sheet] 11x14 size 140# paper. They will act as a guide for completing finished paintings later.
 The demos will be taped so you can watch again and again for 3 weeks.
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Day 2- "Secrets to Success"

     Thur. Nov.17th  6-9pm [ central time ]

'On this day, I will demonstrate using all the examples from Wed. and create a finished painting. You will learn the important principals for a successful finished work of art. Design, Composition, Value Change, Color Harmony, Focal Point. You will learn the stages to follow and the SECRETS TO SUCCESS! There will be plenty of time for individual help .You can paint from your own composition or recreate the same scene that I will  demonstrate. Again under my watchful eye and assistance. I have been listed as one of America's Top 20 Teachers by American Artist Magazine.
The demo's will be taped so you can watch for 3 weeks.
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 date TBA Visual Critique
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