Domestic Workshops


SPECIALTY TECHNIQUE CLASSES focuses  on 10-15 mini-demos showcasing multiple ways to paint the ' topic of the day ' in various ways.
4-day WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP focuses on creating a finished painting and the many principals for success [ different value plans,focal point, unity, depth, edges etc. ]
2-day WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP focuses on a follow up to a 4-day workshop, where there is a single topic for a finished painting and different ways to create with that topic.
VISUAL CRITIQUES focuses on helping you with your finished painting with TOM painting on a color print out showing you Where How's and Why.
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           Specialty Technique Classes online
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June 15th WANT DRAMA?
Learn how to paint night scenes!
3-hour class
June 18th " Important color concepts every artist should know " 3-hour class
June 21st. " FOCAL  POINT secrets to success " 3-hour class
July 13, Those amazing spray bottles
July 16, Skies Clouds & Sunsets
July 19, Trees Rocks & Water
3- hour
August to be announced... 3-hour classes
  Live in person workshops 2021...  
Sept. 20-24 Dillman's Sandlake Lodge   Wisc [ 715-588-3143 ]
Nov. 12,13,14th Art of the Carolinas   Raleigh N.C.
3- hour 
            Watercolor Workshop online
June 7, 8, 10,11th TOM LYNCH..Watercolor workshop
( 4-days) over a 5 -day period [ sold out ]
10:30-5:30 daily
July date to be announced TOM LYNCH..Watercolor workshop 
( 2 days) over a 3 -day period
10:30-5:30 daily
June 16th
June 30th
Watch 'live' visual recommendations
being made for your painting.
starts at 11a.m.

July 14th
July 27th.

Watch 'live' visual recommendations
being made for your painting.

starts at 11a.m.
PLEIN-AIR PAINTING INDOORS !!! online class coming soon