Domestic Workshops


SPECIALTY TECHNIQUE CLASSES focuses  on 10-15 mini-demos showcasing multiple ways to paint the ' topic of the day ' in various ways.
ZOOM 1 WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP focuses on creating a finished painting and the many principals for success [ different value plans,focal point, unity, depth, edges etc. ]
ZOOM 2 WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP focuses on a follow up to a zoom 1 where there is a single topic for a finished painting and different ways to create with that topic.
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1 - Day ...3 - Day ...&... 4 - Day Classes & Workshops
   2021    Specialty Technique Classes online
  The MAY classes will have a follow up ZOOM meeting included !  for descriptions go to.. INTERNET CLASSES PAGE 
May 12th Painting Dynamic Compositions 3-hour class
May 17th ' Fascinating New Brushstrokes' 3-hour class
May 20th. The Best Advice to Making Great Art! 3-hour class
June  to be announced...  
2021 ...Watercolor Workshop online
May 24 25 27 28th TOM LYNCH..ZOOM "1" 
( 4-days) over a 5 day period
10:30-5:30 daily
April 27, 28 , 29 TOM LYNCH..ZOOM "2" - ( 3 days) ' DRAMATIC SHADOWS
sold out 
10:30-5:30 daily
April  Cheap Joes Art Materials
( 4-days) over a 5 day period
sold out
10:30-5:30 daily


PLEIN-AIR PAINTING INDOORS !!! online class coming soon